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What our guests think.....

"I took part in a March Scottish Highlands workshop with Chris . My overarching goal for this trip was to improve my skills-  what I got from the workshop exceeded my expectations. I was part of a very small group therefore, I was able to interact with Chris throughout the trip and really get the most out of his experience. It was clear that Chris is very passionate about landscape photography as he was keen to show us all the best sites and compositions he has discovered over the years. Throughout the tour Chris demonstrated his knowledge of photography, made sure we never missed a photo opportunity that presented itself due to a sudden shift in conditions and always made sure we were making the most out of our gear and the scene. An aspect of the tour I really appreciated was the fact that Chris really made an effort to ensure that we were getting the most out of each day (even in some uninspiring conditions!)"

   "I just completed a one-day 1:1 workshop with John in the Peak District, and it was fantastic. The locations we visited were superb, John having tailored these to the prevailing weather conditions and times of the day. John very successfully matched the workshop tutorials to my needs and I have undoubtedly taken big steps forward in my own photography, which feels fantastic. I particularly enjoyed - and benefitted from - a focus on the composition of my images, which has immediately lifted their quality. John is also really easy to get on with and his enthusiasm for photography is infectious. I would highly recommend a workshop with him. All the best John, and cheers again!" - JAMES

"I had a 1:1 targeted workshop with John during which I learned a couple of fundamental approaches to composition that do not appear in any of the books I've read or have been demonstrated on any of the other courses I have attended.
I now see differently and am able to capture images that I am happy to show.  I'd recommend a similar workshop to anyone who is frustrated that their images just don't have that "wow!" despite following "all the rules" - JASON

"My wife and I both found the photographic opportunities on this workshop together with the clear and concise advice about post-processing to be most helpful. Chris clearly knew the best times to visit a range of locations considering both the weather forecasts and tide times whilst keeping sufficient flexibility to cope with the ever changing, and at times challenging, weather conditions. His passion for photography was evident throughout as was his knowledge of post-processing techniques . Perhaps most important was finding the workshop to be very enjoyable. "  - DAVID


" The Glencoe workshop was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure. Chris's tuition has brought new creative techniques to my landscape photography. Accommodation was exceptional and Glencoe was spectacular. Came away with some of my best ever images. Thanks".


"After spending an enjoyable few days with Chris in Glencoe I came away with a whole host of new techniques and skills to take forward into my landscape photography. Chris was very down to earth and made every effort possible to get us into great spots to get memorable shots, I would highly recommend one of Chris workshops"


"Chris was Friendly, down to earth and good at both photography and advanced post processing. Very Good knowledge of the area and good knowledge of the sunrise & sunsets and how that impacted shooting at different times of the day. The accommodation and meals out were all to a high standard. Highly recommended" - DAVE

I have recently returned from a fantastic workshop in Glencoe with Chris & John. I would consider myself a very competent photographer from the west coast of Scotland and have been to Glencoe on many occasions but the knowledge and understanding that Chris & John have of this location is outstanding and they took me to places I hadn't seen before. The knowledge was not just out in the field they had fantastic tips and tricks when it came to editing afterwards. The accommodation was 5 * and the small numbers on the course made it friendly and welcoming. I would certainly recommend to anyone of any level. 

Thank you, Chris & John  - PAUL

Thoroughly enjoyable few days away in Cornwall.

"Chris provided all of the workshop attendees assistance throughout the duration of the course with excellent knowledge of locations and advice on composition and shutter speeds.

One of the big takeaways for myself was the advice & assistance Chris provided on RAW post-processing during the evenings. This course has provided me with the knowledge & skills to develop my coastal photography further.

This was my first ever multiple day photography trip and 2nd photography course with Chris. I plan to join Chris again for a 3rd trip, sometime in the future."  - PAUL

Excellent workshop and a very worthwhile experience ! "Chris has an excellent knowledge of where to go to get the best photographs in the area.   Each day was tailored to the visit the best locations for the prevailing weather conditions.  The small group allowed Chris to advise each of us how to get the best out the location and encouraged us to explore and seek out our own images.  Each day allowed us visit two or three locations with enough time to explore each one. The self-catering accommodation is excellent.  Being self-catering we weren’t tied to hotel meal times etc, which allowed the days to be flexible including start times.  Following dinner in a local hostelry the evenings were spent viewing and processing the days images.  Chris demonstrated his workflow by which he had produced his own excellent images and surprised us with how much we could make of our own efforts following his advice. All in all an excellent experience.” - ANDREW

" I found this workshop to be both very informative and, just as importantly, very enjoyable. The combination of photography and post-processing was well balanced and Chris was well able to communicate both his passion for the landscape and his undoubted photographic skills". - DAVID

" I attended a 4 day worksop in Glencoe which was very well planned and organised. Chris has an infectious passion for photography come rain or shine (or blizzard) which made the whole experience very enjoyable. The group size is small so each photographer got a good deal of attention at each location and meant that we had ample space to get the shots we wanted. I came away from the trip with a new approach to landscape photography so would highly recommend Chris’s workshops." - DEREK

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